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Top 10 Growth Stocks in Canada for December 2022

WELL Health Technologies is a digital health company connecting medical professionals and patients. It also has an electronic medical records platform.

If there’s a stock that didn’t deserve to drop like it did, in my opinion it’s  And yet drop it has over the past few years, all due to circumstances outside its control. The company became essential during the pandemic, providing online connections between patients and medical professionals. But when the tech sector and pandemic stocks dropped, they took WELL Health with them.

And that’s exactly why I think it can rebound significantly out of this downturn. The company continues to ring in record-setting performance quarter after quarter. It’s been expanding at a rapid pace, becoming Canada’s largest outpatient clinic. As it continues to expand through both organic growth and acquisitions, it won’t be long before growth-minded investors catch on and the stock starts climbing.

Today (at least for now), you can pick up WELL Health stock trading down 43% year-to-date. Yet analysts think its shares could more than double, so don’t wait too long.

because it’s still actually growing. You can’t say that for every growth stock out there: Many large tech companies lost their previously high growth rates when interest rates started rising and customers slowed their spending on tech services. Yet through it all, Sierra is still growing.

In its most recent quarter, SW’s revenue increased 101% and its net loss was reduced by three quarters. All things considered, it was a pretty strong showing.

I think the company’s success will continue. It manufactures routers as well as smart modules for the Internet of Things (IOT, a tech term that refers to interconnected devices). Demand for such devices should keep on growing, lifting Sierra Wireless’ stock with it.

The company provides time-sensitive overnight air cargo services across Canada. (We can neither confirm nor deny that it counts Santa among its customers.)
By was one of the TSX’s top performers in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stock has faded in 2021 and 2022, so now looks like a smart time to snatch it up at a big discount.

The air cargo services market is poised for solid growth over the course of this decade. In the third quarter of fiscal 2022, this company delivered total revenue of $232 million — up from $189 million in the previous year. Meanwhile, it reported net income of $83.4 million,

compared with a net loss of $12.9 million in Q3 FY2021. The company has rebounded nicely in the year-to-date period, posting revenue growth of 36% and big jumps in net earnings.

This growth stock had a favourable price-to-earnings ratio of 7.9 at the time of this writing. It also offers a modest quarterly dividend of $0.286 per share. Cargojet looks like a screaming buy as we approach the final weeks of a tumultuous 2022.

Fool contributor Ambrose O’Callaghan has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Cargojet.

of the highly acclaimed franchise with an explicit focus on European software businesses.

Europe is an attractive market for niche business acquisitions because of its diversity of cultures, languages, borders, and regulatory structures. There are thousands of unique businesses that can pursue. A recession in Europe could enable more acquisitions at attractive valuations.

The company just announced a strong quarter in which revenue and cash from operations each increased 29%. also has a smart organic growth strategy, so it can win via acquisitions and business develoent. Its stock is down about 32% year-to-date.

At $27.02 per share at writing, TELUS International trades for about 17 times this year’s estimated earnings, a reasonable multiple for a solid business that’s growing well.
Fool contributor Kay Ng owns shares of Manulife, Mastercard, and TELUS International. The Motley Fool recommends TELUS International.

GFL is one of the largest environmental services companies in Canada, providing essential services such as nonhazardous solid waste management, infrastructure and soil remediation, and liquid waste management.

Not only are GFL’s operations essential and, therefore, defensive, but the growth stock has also sold off throughout the year along with the rest of the market. Therefore, it’s offering you an excellent opportunity to buy the stock now while it’s cheap.

In addition to having the potential to grow organically, GFL is also constantly growing by acquisition. So while the stock trades around 11 times its forward earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), it’s a deal today and one of the best growth investments you can buy now.

Constellation Software operates and consolidates vertical market software businesses around the world.

few stocks have managed to keep pace with this winner. Over the past 16 years, Constellation Software stock has generated more than 11,000% in returns! That represents a compound annual growth rate of at least 33.5%.

The secret to its success is the company’s smart capital allocation strategy. Using a proven business model, Constellation Software has been able to successfully acquire hundreds of vertical market businesses and turn them into exceptional business units. With the company finally targeting large VMS businesses (vendor management systems) for acquisition, I believe the sky’s the limit with Constellation Software.

Couche-Tard is one of the largest operators of convenience stores and gas stations on the planet.

Despite that incredible reach, Couche-Tard continues to take an aggressive stance on expansion through its well-funded war chest. In fact, many stock-watchers think the company is overdue for an acquisition.

Yet M&A isn’t the only path to growth. Couche-Tard is building out a 200-site EV network across North America. That network, which follows the success of a similar model in Europe, should be online within two years.

Despite that solid growth potential, Couche-Tard is trading for a quite reasonable P/E of around 17, making it a solid option for any long-term investor.

Fa year earlier to 1.67 million units, the first decline since May, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). “The November sales were far worse than previous expectations,” Cui Dongshu, the CPCA’s secretary general, told an online briefing.

(Reuters) -House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters told Reuters on Thursday that she is prepared to subpoena FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried if he does not agree to appear before the panel next week and she is working out the best way to do it.

Regulators around the globe, including in the Bahamas, where FTX is based, and in the United States, are investigating the role of FTX’s top executives including Bankman-Fried in the firm’s stunning collapse, Reuters has previously reported. Prosecutors and regulators have not charged Bankman-Fried with any crime.

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Inspiring Impact: Tural Aliyev’s Entrepreneurial Vision Transcends Boundaries in Northern Cyprus

Tural Aliyev, an extraordinary entrepreneur whose journey of success is only matched by his dedication to giving back to the community. Starting from humble beginnings in large corporations, Tural’s commitment to helping others remained unwavering as he ventured into the realms of real estate and car gallery businesses. His achievements not only showcase financial prosperity but also the profound impact one can make when driven by genuine altruism.

Tural’s real estate business in Northern Cyprus, Sun Republic, has become a trailblazer in the industry.

With an unparalleled understanding of the market and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tural has brought forth architectural marvels that redefine the skyline. Luxurious residential complexes and awe-inspiring commercial spaces stand testament to his commitment to quality and innovation. Notably, Tural’s emphasis on sustainability sets him apart, as his projects incorporate eco-friendly technologies, showcasing his dedication to preserving the environment.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Tural’s philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark on countless lives. Through substantial donations and unwavering support, he has sponsored educational programs, funded scholarships, and actively championed charitable causes, embodying a deep sense of corporate social responsibility.

“In the dynamic real estate market of Northern Cyprus, Sun Republic has emerged as a leading company, delivering exceptional results and garnering a reputation for excellence,” Tural remarks. Through meticulous market analysis and personalized solutions, Sun Republic has become a trusted partner for investors from various countries. The company’s dedication to client satisfaction and transparency has fostered long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

Tural Aliyev’s vision for the future encompasses creating vibrant communities where homes are sanctuaries promoting happiness and harmonious living. His commitment to sustainability and economic growth has positioned him as a visionary leader in the real estate and car dealership industries in Northern Cyprus.

In line with his vision, Tural can be found on Instagram @aliyev, sharing his journey and philanthropic initiatives. For more information about Sun Republic and its exceptional services, visit

With a heart that beats for the betterment of society and a visionary mind that shapes the future, Tural Aliyev continues to leave an inspiring legacy of excellence and positive impact in Northern Cyprus.

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Christina Meshten xTENSION Techno Festival Takes Istanbul by Storm

Istanbul, Turkey – The electronic music scene is buzzing with excitement as renowned music producer Christina Meshten presents her highly anticipated techno festival, [xTENSION]. Meshten, who is also recognized for her impressive career as an opera singer and musical theater actress, has recently established a music production center in Istanbul, adding another layer to her already diverse artistic ventures. This dynamic multi-talent has set her sights on creating an unforgettable experience for electronic music enthusiasts from around the world.

[xTENSION], slated to take place at the end of October, promises to be a game-changer in the world of techno festivals. Anticipation is building as festival-goers eagerly await the announcement of the superstar performer set to grace the stage at this electrifying event. With the vibrant city of Antalya chosen as the backdrop, attendees can expect a sensational show that will leave a lasting impression.

The collaboration between [xTENSION] and industry experts from Germany and France has raised the bar for this international techno festival. By showcasing talents from different corners of the world, Meshten has emphasized her commitment to nurturing new DJ talent and elevating the global electronic music community.

But what sets [xTENSION] apart from other festivals is not just its stellar lineup; it is the festival’s visionary theme that captivates the imagination. Positioned as the first international techno festival in Alanya, [xTENSION] represents a unique experience that transcends the typical festival atmosphere. The event aims to transport its attendees “beyond the horizon” into a world of music, art, and love, away from the distractions and influences of urban life. The festival’s creators aspire to create a perfect realm where the power of music unites people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of harmony and community.

Christina Meshten’s indomitable spirit and passion for music have propelled her into the limelight, garnering attention and respect from industry peers and fans alike. With the establishment of her production center, [xTENSION], Meshten continues to make waves in the realm of electronic music. Her dedication to crafting extraordinary experiences for her audience has firmly cemented her status as a prominent figure in the industry.

To stay informed and be a part of this electrifying event, fans can visit the official [xTENSION] website at For a glimpse into Meshten’s music endeavors, explore Meshten Records on Instagram at, and catch the latest updates on [xTENSION]’s Instagram page at

Christina Meshten’s passion for music knows no bounds, and her journey in the world of electronic beats is far from over. With the highly anticipated [xTENSION] techno festival on the horizon, she is set to elevate the electronic music experience to new heights, leaving an everlasting impact on the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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Alex Rivera: The Entrepreneur from Grand Rapids Elevating Minds through New Race Co

Grand Rapids, MI – Alex Rivera, an influential American socialite and entrepreneur, has emerged as a powerful force in the world of business and personal development. Overcoming various challenges from a young age, Rivera has forged a successful career and launched a movement aimed at elevating minds worldwide.

Born on December 9, 1998, in Grand Rapids, MI, Rivera embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13. Growing up in a middle-class family, he initially pursued music and created content on YouTube. However, he faced bullying and negativity, which momentarily shook his belief in his potential for success. It wasn’t until 2014, when his content gained recognition on social media platforms, that Rivera realized the impact of his voice and influence.

Recognizing the lack of resources and understanding in his hometown, Rivera battled depression and a sense of not fitting in. However, his perspective shifted when he caught the attention of a renowned entrepreneur who helped him understand the power of his uniqueness. Today, Rivera is an entrepreneur and socialite who shares his wisdom on energy and the law of attraction.

Rivera founded New Race Co, a fashion brand and movement designed to inspire and elevate minds across the globe. The brand has garnered a significant following, including celebrities, politicians, and fellow entrepreneurs. Through New Race Co, Rivera aims to empower individuals to tap into their potential and manifest their dreams.

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Race Co, Rivera has been recognized as an American business magnate, investor, and philosopher. Through his clothing brand and podcast, he disseminates knowledge and insights on personal growth, attracting thousands of listeners and followers.

Looking ahead, Rivera envisions a future where he continues to elevate minds globally through the principles of the law of attraction and energy. With New Race Co, he strives to inspire individuals from all walks of life, helping them realize their true potential and achieve their goals.

To connect with Alex Rivera and learn more about his inspiring journey and New Race Co, visit his Instagram profile (@alexrivera1001), listen to his podcast on Spotify, or visit the official website

Alex Rivera is an American socialite and entrepreneur hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. Overcoming personal obstacles, he has emerged as a powerful voice in personal development and business. As the Founder and CEO of New Race Co, Rivera aims to inspire and elevate minds worldwide through the principles of the law of attraction and energy.

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